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In March 2012 I experienced a minor tear in my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament). I have not been able to work out or play any sports since then. Recently, someone told me that Bikram Yoga could help, but I wonder if I should wait until after I see my surgeon in mid-October to try a class? I’ve tried Bikram Yoga before, but haven’t been in the hot room for over two years now.

The medial collateral ligament (MCL), on the other hand, connects the femur and tibia on the inner side (between the knees) and resists forces acting on the outer side of the knee. Along with its counterpart on the lateral or outer side of the knee (lateral collateral ligament (LCL)), the ligaments provide stability and support to the knee in side-to-side movement. The MCL’s primary function is to prevent the leg from overextending inward, but it also is part of the mechanism that stabilizes the knee and allows it to rotate.

ACL tears, especially the most severe ones, may require surgical treatment, while MCL tears most often heal on their own without surgery (with symptomatic treatment). Initially, in the acute phase of injury, icing, elevation and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are recommended with limitation of physical activity (minimizing weight-bearing) followed by physical therapy – which Bikram Yoga is – to strengthen the knee soft tissues and supportive structures and regain flexibility.

With ACL tears, the recommendations are no sudden movements (e.g., do not play sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.), no planting (as in running and planting feet), no pivoting and no deep squatting.

Bikram Yoga – with some modifications – will be quite healing for a variety of reasons. Since often ACL tears have other soft-tissue injuries associated (e.g., meniscus tears), the increased irrigation of the circulatory system to the synovial fluid will provide better nutrition to the soft tissues. In Bikram Yoga, we do not do sudden movements and everything is held still, so there are no worries in that department.

Deep knee flexion, such as in Awkward Pose , can be avoided (gradually increasing the intensity bit by bit if tolerated). The other deep knee flexion, namely Fixed Firm Posture , has to be performed with utmost care with very little depth: start by keeping your weight forward on the arms and not fully flexing the knees, keeping the knees wide apart to minimize the intensity (feet still apart at hip-width).

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