Coach mcguirk dating video cat

coach mcguirk dating video cat

“School Nurse” (season 1, episode 10; originally aired 9/30/2001) and “Mortgages And Marbles” (season 2, episode 11; originally aired 9/30/2001)

“If you want to smear mud on your ass, smear mud on your ass. Just be honest about it.”—Can Of Vegetables, Wet Hot American Summer

Given how he’s portrayed in “School Nurse” and “Mortgages And Marbles,” John McGuirk must fancy himself as the star of an unending television spot for Bud Light. (Or the fictional Black Hole Brew , as the case may be.) Through McGuirk’s bloodshot eyes, the world is all great times, good beers, and chicks in bikinis who don’t mind that you’re nakedly ogling them from the balcony of a condo you could never feasibly afford. If I wasn’t so sure that Sterling Archer sprung, fully formed, from the mind of John McGuirk, I’d say what the character truly aspires to be is the human equivalent of Spuds MacKenzie . After all, nobody ever asked ol’ Spuds to deliver a speech about soccer before a crowded student assembly.

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