Funny chat up lines for online dating

funny chat up lines for online dating

There’s a rumor swirling in La La Land that Robin Thicke – R&B singer and son of Allen Thicke – hit on a young lady. It happened at a nightclub in NYC after the MTV Video Music Awards. The 20-year-old woman claims that the “Blurred Lines” singer dropped this pick-up line:

Aside from this being the worst and creepiest pick-up line ever, Robin is married to actress Paula Patton. He needs to keep it in his pants no matter how many women he attracts. Unfortunately, this happens often. Even when men are in relationships , they hit on women. This occurs even more so in Hollywood because celebrities have access, fame and money. And so, when a male star winks and says, “You must be tired cause you’ve been running through my mind all day,” and women flock.

But, are all pick-up lines bad? If they come from a married man, yes. They aren’t so terrible, however, when men are available, and if he uses a pick-up line to make her laugh or break the ice. Here are eight of the most creative and funniest pick-up lines that have made women laugh. Some have even worked.

"Your lips must be made of icing 'cause you look so sweet." Yes. This is real! A man said this to me while I walked down NYC streets. He spoke to me in Spanish but this is the English translation. Did it work? No. Did it make me smile? Definitely. Photo Credit: Flickr/SassyRadish.

"He just looked at me and nodded his head for me to come over," said Gladys Diaz of her husband and how he picked her up. How did she respond to his confident yet subtle gesture of like? "I shook mine and made the same gesture. He walked over and the rest is history!" They've been married for 14 years. Photo Credit: Flickr/DaveyP.

One woman was compared to a hanger. How so? A man said, "That hanger is working wonders for that dress." Who was the hanger? Well, her. Shocking and even offensive, but creative nonetheless.  Photo Credit:   Flickr/AndrewMorrell.

"If you were a booger, I'd pick you first!" When a friend on Facebook told me about this, I burst into laughter. Why did this man think this would work? It didn't, but it sure is hilarious.  Photo Credit:  Flickr/76998824@N06.

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If you find yourself in  a Dutch speaking country and take a fancy to one of those blonde long legged locals, riding a bike, we provide you with a great list of lines to be able to talk to that object of your affections.

Als je zei dat je mijn vrouw zou zijn zou ik het vloeken voorde rest van mijn leven opgeven
If you said you would be my woman I would give up swearing for the rest of my life

Alle suiker en honing in de wereld komen niet overeen met de zoetigheid van uw schoonheid
All the sugar and honey in the world couldn’t match the sweetnees of your beauty

Je bent een supermodel, toch? Je moet een supermodel zijn geweest, want je bent zo mooi
You’re a supermodel, right? You should have been a supermodel, because you’re so pretty

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