Pc dating sim rpgs

pc dating sim rpgs

Civilization was one of the classic games of the 16-bit age, when computers with speedy processors and hundreds of kilobytes of RAM made it possible to model and memorize complex, culture-bound simulations of human history. Twenty years on, though, it’s been ported back to a humble 8-bit system that predated it by years. The genius […]

The first iteration of Dial-a-Grue, in 2011, was to kit out an old rotary dial phone with an embedded computer and text-to-speech engine so that you could play Zork with nothing but the handset. The new, 2.0 version of the project, is “to port Zork I (via a z-code interpreter) to an embedded platform, and […]

12 apps that will bring your Mac into the future As Mac users, we know the joys of a simple yet powerful operating system, free from bloatware and constant security checkups. But sometimes I need some functionality beyond the included apps. Here are 12 apps that helped to maximize my productivity and simplify my workflow. They are all available in this Pay What You Want […]

Python is one of the most popular and most versatile programming languages in use today. Powering a wide variety of web software, it’s also one of the simplest languages for data scientists to master, thanks to readable syntax and powerful scalability. Without any prior coding experience, you can even learn to code in this multifunctional language […]

Making great games has never been more accessible, thanks to a variety of development tools like Unity3D. But getting your idea off the ground still takes a fair amount of advanced programming skills. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that learning to make games online with the Master Game Development Bundle is incredibly easy (and not costly).In addition to gaining […]

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